3 sins to avoid in your relationship

The day when you exchange phrases for marriage is getting closer and closer, so your life together as married will soon begin: you will become a real team ready to face, united, any kind of adversity. What is it about? Read what follows, you will see that this article will be useful even in this delicate phase of preparations that sees you busy with a thousand commitments, between sending wedding invitations and choosing the menu.

1. Stop talking
Do you have a problem? Talk. The not face problems together , leads only to exacerbate them. Whether it is a relationship difficulty or whether it is something personal that only affects one of the two, never forget that you got married also to face adversity . Constantly confront and share joys and sorrows, just as the phrases for a promise of marriage suggest .

2. Allow third parties to intrude
The intrusion of third parties in your relationship is very dangerous. Whether it’s your mother, mother-in-law, siblings or some friend, don’t let anyone sneak into your relationship . Of course, advice and help are always welcome but if you notice that your privacy is starting to be undermined and that unsolicited judgments are being given, hurry up to talk to each other and set the right limits. Never forget to be kind but also firm and firm in your position: you are the spouses and the management of your life together is up to you alone.

And this is also true while you are planning your wedding: does the future mother-in-law not like the original wedding favors that you have chosen so car.

3. Being disheartened, for no reason
It almost seems like a cliché but it’s the truth: trust is the basis of any relationship and is the cement of a marriage. Honesty and trust go hand in hand: it is therefore good to never stop trusting your partner but, it is necessary that everyone is committed so that the other has no reason to be disheartened. It is a delicate game of balance that costs commitment and perseverance. But you are in love, so it’s worth it!