Better a single or separate current account?

The organization of the wedding inevitably moves a large sum of money in a short time. If dad takes care of the wedding dress while the bridal bouquet is a kind gift from the mother-in-law, what will happen to all the other expenses to be faced? Here is the question: is it better a single or separate account ?

The most obvious solution: the joint checking account

Many couples believe that the essence of love phrases pronounced during marriage and more generally the foundations of life in common rest, among other things, on the total sharing of things. Even a checking account. Whether it’s a pure cultural heritage or a satisfying tranquility, you: what do you think of the current account in common ?

The less obvious solution: separate current accounts between spouses

There is only one way to maintain full financial autonomy during the wedding and, more generally, during the life together and that is to have two different accounts. In fact, it translates into the possibility of having one’s sums available in the current account independently , making a common front for family expenses and investments.

What to know about segregated accounts

  • Expenses double: each of you will have to pay your own management and accounting fees.
  • This is the obvious choice in the case of a separation of property regime.
  • An excellent solution for young couples who have their own working autonomy .
  • The only way out for couples who have divergent concepts of money management.
  • During the wedding planning phase, you can divide common expenses equally , such as the typography for wedding invitations or the photographer, and then independently manage the outings for the men’s wedding suit , the beautician or the hairdresser.
  • During family life, it is necessary to coordinate with great responsibility to divide the daily expenses ( mute, rent, utilities, condominium , food, etc.).
  • It is necessary to double check, to make sure that no account is in the red , and more difficulty in understanding the outputs and the progress of your menage.